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Step Up Your Game With Rituals

There are many types of rituals, social, personal, spiritual, religious… the list continues.

Rituals have been around for thousands of years, and in their most basic essence, they help remind us of things. They bring presence and intention to a particular moment, emotion, happening or thing.

They promote commitment, devotion and awareness.

Rituals protect emotion to which we are sincerely inclined, but which without a degree of fabrication & structure we might be too distracted and undisciplined to make time for.

In modern society, many may question or feel doubts towards rituals due to uncertainty about their purpose or nature, but if we think of things that we already do, we can see that to some degree we already participate in many rituals; celebrating New Year, singing happy birthday with cake & candles, vows and rings at weddings… even brushing our teeth every morning. Rituals in their purest form serve a purpose and they can be a gateway to connect to ourselves and others.

Here are some examples of rituals that we think you'll love:

Building a practice around the moon

You can work with the lunar energies to supercharge your wishes and dreams, paying attention to two particular points in the Moon’s cycles; the New Moon and the Full Moon.

New Moon

The new moon marks the first lunar phase, it symbolises new beginnings and is the perfect time to set new goals and intentions, engage in visualisation or launch a new project. All in all, think of it as a cosmic reset.

A few things you might like to do around this time include;

  • Having a bath with sea salt and essential oils to clear yourself of any negative energies.

  • Writing down what you intend to manifest in this next cycle, being as specific as you can

  • Speaking out the wishes/ intentions outside under the moon or in a quiet sacred place you’ve created inside with candles/ crystals

  • Keeping your list of intentions close to hand as the moon waxes and revisit it and revise as you work to manifest your desires

  • Think of what kind of energy you’d like to bring forth into this new cycle… Choose an affirmation - or a few - and repeat them daily. Maybe even write them on a post it and stick up by your mirror! Examples include “I am safe to express my ideas and thoughts”, “I bring peace and love into this new cycle of light”, “I share my light”

Full Moon

The full moon is the phase of peak illumination, where we can see everything clearly. It’s the time for culmination and harvest, where all the seeds of intention you planted (unconsciously or not) are starting to bloom. During this period, the Universe invites us to slow down and learn more about the path that we’re on, and course-correct if necessary - and that may mean letting (a lot) go!

Things to try around this time are:

  • Cleansing mental and physical space through a nice salty bath or smudging with Palo Santo or an Incense

  • As full moon’s are about endings, engage in some deep reflection. Ask yourself what went well this month? What did you learn? What no longer serves? How have you grown? How are the seeds you planted? What do you need to let go of to become the best version of yourself?

  • DANCE to release the build up of stagnant energy

  • Re-visit the to do/ intention list you created at the new moon and check in on your progress or feel into if what you wrote even still aligns, some of it may no longer resonate and that is completely okay! Accept yourself as you are now.

  • Take time out to be still, relax and observe your inner and outer world. Enjoy a revitalising nap or a walk out in Nature.

Morning Practice

A morning practice (ritual) can be so beneficial in setting our tone and energy for the day. Simple integrations like a cold splash of water on your face, a warm drink, a stretch, meditation, lighting of a candle or incense, maybe singing, dancing or chanting can encourage us to feel into our aliveness, align with gratitude for a new day and connect us with that which is greater than ourselves. This practice of taking time out for ourselves, away from worldly matters, over months and years can manifest into a toolkit to approach whatever life brings into our world with peace, joy & compassion.

Many of us want to evolve in the way we think, act & feel but it takes action and devotion to embody these new paradigms of being.

Implementation has greatest effect when done daily, so a morning ritual is one of the best ways to make steps towards our highest selves.


Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that means a daily spiritual practice. It’s the foundation for your personal, individual effort to communicate with the divine inside of you and all around you. It is the main tool you use to work on yourself to achieve your purpose in life.

It brings us back to the full circle of what ritual is all about; appreciating life in all it’s glory and wonder, both inside and outside of us, all whilst being the most noble, loving, honest, kind and evolved human beings we can imagine to be.

This is the way we can honour the sweat, education and sacrifices of our parents and ancestors, but also the way to honour God/ The Divine Creator.

Find what works for you. If it makes you a more balanced and wholesome person, keep doing it!

Sending you all love & healing

Leyla x

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