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Do You Find it Difficult to Trust in Your Path?

I believe deep in my soul that the Universe has my back, that everything is in divine timing and as it should be… How can I not?

Time after time it’s proven to be so, despite a situation, relationship or choice, resulting in pain OR joy, the outcome has always been for my highest good, I KNOW this to be true.

I’ve grown, evolved in my thinking, got back on my mat, connected with my emotions, been forced to set boundaries, or just STOP. I’ve been held, supported, and been shown that I am loved.

I have made important changes, connected with gratitude, with a higher power and felt ALIVE. I have been blessed with the beauty of feeling the FULL spectrum of human emotions, broken open and tasted what I am made of.

All the above have been consequences of pain, grief, heartbreak, and “mistakes". Eventually all the pain has transferred into something good, in the same way every night eventually turns into day and every season morphs into another.

All phases having their divine purpose, each as important as the last. Some may feel less desirable, harder to endure and tougher to move through, but each are needed and necessary.

I must trust in moments that feel like this.

I must know for sure that the universe would only allow for something to pass me by that is not meant for me. That all is fair, right, and enough. All is unfolding as it is should, and my ONLY job is to stay CONNECTED and TRUST that I am on the path that I have chosen.

To continue to think with clarity.

To know I am and always will be ok.

That I am enough.

That I am resilient

We read a book recently in our Empowered Readers Book Club (The Energy Codes) and in this book Dr Sue Morter talks about something she calls the bus stop conversation.

She says it may have gone something a little like this…

“Imagine yourself at a Cosmic Bus Stop, where you and others pause between trips to this physical plane. As you wait, you get to chatting with the other souls at the bus stop, talking about your plans and agendas for life on Earth. You speak about what you desire to learn, how you wish to grow, and what you’d like to experience as a means of revealing to yourself your own true, divine nature as a being of energy and the creator of your own life.

‘I want to learn about my wisdom’, one of the other souls says.

‘I’m going to learn courage’, declares another.

‘I want to experience being unconditionally loved’, says a third.

Suddenly, someone asks you, ‘What are you going there to do?’

‘Well’, you might say, ‘I’m going to have a bunch of experiences of waking myself up.’

‘I want to know my ability to forgive.’

‘Yes, I’m choosing a Level Ten experience of forgiveness.’

‘Not just a Level Three or Level Four. I’m really going for it this time!’

‘A Level Ten forgiveness….’

‘Wow! Okay, how are you going to do that?’ another souls asks.

‘Well I’m not exactly sure. I suppose someone is going to have to do something that is… nearly unforgivable.’

One of your companions asks the obvious question: ‘What would that take?’

Your reply might be, “Well, someone would have to do something like drink too much at happy hour, get behind the wheel, cross the center line on the road, and hit my car head on.

To take it over the top, they might take the lives of my family, or cripple me.

It could have been avoided and would be completely irresponsible.

Then, after many years of hurt and anger and suffering even more, because of my forgiveness, I will reach way down inside my heart and find a deeper layer of myself than I would ever have known under any other set of circumstances…and forgive them’.”

Now, you will need souls to help you on your mission, so you might ask:

“Who wants to be the driver for me?” (but no one wants to do that!)

So you plead with them “Come on! I’ve waited forever to have this chance to evolve myself.

I’m asking with all that I have. Will someone please help me take full hold of this opportunity?”

Finally someone offers… “I’ll do it. I can see how much it means to you. Plus, it will help me with my own mission of self-forgiveness.”

“Wonderful! Thank you so much! ……Well, I guess I’ll see you on Earth!”

I think this notion of a Cosmic Bus Stop is beautiful and although it may not quite happen in this humanly way, with words and a bus for transportation. The idea that we know exactly what we need to evolve, and we are all here to help each other to ‘wake up’ is a life changing concept.

It helps me find peace when I find myself in a situation that feel like one I've been in before. One that triggers and opens my deepest wounds.

Through our relationships and experiences with each other good OR bad; Strangers or lovers, all living beings are here to support each other on this journey to pure expansiveness; to ENLIGHTENMENT.

This analogy reminds me of our intrinsic, finely tuned ecosystem.

All existing and thriving because of the other, one small plant, animal and element working together to make ALL of this exist. A platform, a planet, an Earth for us to play on, explore and grow.

In moments that feel UNFAIR and UNDESERVING, instead of asking the question “why is this happening to me”, I’m practicing asking “why is this happening FOR me”.

What is it that I am meant to awaken to? What is this situation, loss, struggle, bringing up in me? Where can I feel this in my body? What other times have I felt this feeling or emotion here? What is it I’m being guided to do next?

For example; I notice when I have been neglecting my yoga practice, it’s often a difficult feeling, something I’m struggling with, that gets me back on my mat. It’s a gutting, anxious feeling that gets me to deepen my breath. It’s the feeling of overwhelm that makes me hold myself and allow myself to fully rest.

When you think back to times of struggle, it’s helpful to reflect on the self-love practices that you were guided to. The people it’s guided you to OR away from. The deeper connections that have formed within you, human OR divine. These practices and change of perspective feel like gratitude, heartfelt and intuitive.

Gratitude is often the answer, but we need a step by step practice to get us to the gold. Gratitude is unbelievably powerful and transforming BUT in times of deep pain and heartache it's a virtue that is difficult to attain.

By opening up to self-inquiry, connecting with our bodies, feeling, and listening; We are then able to change our perspective from defensive, survival mind talk to intuitive body talk.

The conversation with the egotistical mind, will only ever end up in the same way. One of continuous cycles, one that remembers the past and inserts defence mechanisms for safety, insists on preparing and expecting for the worse. One of suspicion and mistrust. A one-sided perspective that often facilitates feelings of being trapped, at a dead end, in a NEVER ENDING cycle that cannot be broken.

Bringing our awareness, to breath, connecting, and feeling into our bodies is a powerful way of coming out of mind. We feel the safety of our physical body here on Earth, we are reminded that we are alive and well. Scanning from feet to head and making the breath (our life force), louder, helps with this.

Internally there may be a great amount of pain but acknowledging the safety of our body externally, helps calm the mind and its defensiveness, to then enable us to go inward securely.

Once we connect with our body and begin engaging in body talk we can then intuitively trust and see from a different perspective. One where we can ask the right questions… What is it the universe wants me to see? Why is it these cycles keep repeating?

These types of questions empower us, nudge us to awaken, awaken to our paths, our lessons, our purpose.

We are no longer a victim but now in a position of opportunity, of growth.

Sending you all love & healing 🤍

Leyla x

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