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We are a Yoga School rooted in Indian yogic tradition. We have many years’ experience bringing our world renowned yoga training to students from all over the globe. Our name, ‘Sampoorna’, truly reflects what we aim to bring to our students through our teachings and school environment. ‘Sampoorna’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘full’, ‘total’, or ‘absolute’.

This theme of totality and completeness is carried through in the teaching we provide, the respect we have for yoga traditions and the acceptance of students from all traditions and lineages, all over the world. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional and comprehensive yoga instruction to support you in deepening your practice.

We place great value on holding the perfect space for you to deepen your practice. Everything, including the location of our school, our shala’s, our accommodation and communal spaces have been designed to give you the opportunity to learn, collaborate and grow within your yoga practice. We believe an environment close to nature and set in beautiful surroundings to be the most conducive to good practice and learning. Sampoorna Yoga provides a non-competitive sanctuary for you to cultivate both the stillness and awareness needed to progress on your yoga journey.

Sampoorna Yoga is a place of happiness, energy and vitality. It is a place of stillness, awareness and personal recreation. We provide a sanctuary for you to be inspired, develop, deepen and walk further along your yoga journey.

Sudhir Rishi - Senior Teacher & Director

Sudhir Rishi

Joy is the nature of the self : Smile is its expression

So never allow your mind and mood to interfere with your smile ~ Sudhir Rishi

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