The beautiful Sam is the owner and candle creator at The Sustainable Shelf.
Sam is based in Gravesend, Kent in the UK (we love local businesses :).

Whilst in lockdown earlier this year Sam decided to educate herself more on the subject of sustainability and research how to make better lifestyle choices. 

One afternoon Sam came across a blog that talked about the materials found in common popular brands of candles that we fill our homes with and found that paraffin wax is in fact a toxic by-product of crude oil, fragrance oils are often tested on animals and can also contain harmful parabens, silicones and even animal fats!

This motivated Sam to create Sustainable Shelf. Only using sustainably sourced vegetable wax and cruelty free fragrance oils, free from harmful parabens and silicones whilst using plastic free packaging. 

Breathing life back into that which is part of our holistic relaxation ritual!

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