Fuel your body with the most delicious flavours - Let food be thy medicine

Every morning, we will enjoy a healthy breakfast topped with fresh tropical fruits, porridge, cereal, tea, coffee, bread, honey, and a savoury typical Indian dish. 

At lunch a variety of salads, soups, vegetables and several sides to enjoy a light break in the middle of the day. 

To finish our day, we will indulge in a buffet of traditional local Indian curries, and dals that will bring all the flavour and spices to our plates. 

There will also be gluten-free and dairy-free options, among other meal requirements, please notify me of these when you can. 

During the day, you can help yourself to herbal tea, masala chai, and filtered water. 

Please note, Saturday dinner and Sunday meals are not included, this gives you the opportunity to experience the local cuisine. As Sunday is the last day, there will be an option to all go on an excursion and eat together. 

All food is locally sourced and there a varied range to provide you with a healthy balance. 

If for any reason you would prefer to eat somewhere else, you are welcome to although it is encouraged to eat together as a group to deepen group connection. 

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