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Tuesday 11:00 - 12:00


Age UK - NorthWest Kent


(Alternative Weeks)

All Welcome

Tuesday 16:30 - 17:30

Riverview Infant School

Cimba Wood, Gravesend

DA12 4SD

A Teachers Class (Term Time)

Wednesday 13:00 - 14:00

Yoga Trapeze - Mixed Ability
Del's Fitness Centre
24 Queen St, Gravesend

DA12 2EE

Wednesday 19:30 - 21:00

Ashtanga Vinyasa - Mixed Ability
St Aidan Church
DA12 4JL 

Thursday 13:00 - 14:00

Gentle Flow - Mixed Ability

Civic Centre, Gravesend

DA12  1AS

Gravesham Council Staff Only

Thursday 11:00 - 12:00

Restorative Hatha
Guru Nanak Sports Club
Gravesend, DA12 1AU

Senior Class - over 65s

Thursday 19:30 - 20:30


Restorative Yin Yoga
House of Leyla
Pelham Rd, Gravesend 

DA11 0HW

Friday 11:00 - 12:00


Mums Yoga Trapeze - Mixed Ability
Del's Fitness Centre
24 Queen St, Gravesend

DA12 2EE

Sunday 14:00 - 15:00


Yoga Trapeze - Intermediate

Del's Fitness Centre
24 Queen St, Gravesend

DA12 2EE

Sunday 16:00 - 17:00

Yoga Trapeze - Beginners
Del's Fitness Centre
24 Queen St, Gravesend

DA12 2EE

Prefer a private class or want to find out more about the classes I hold, feel free to get in touch!


What class is best for me?

Ashtanga Vinyasa (Breath synchronised movement)

Ashtanga Vinyasa classes are firey encouraging you to become one with your breath, still your mind and find your bodies natural flow. One of the most detoxifying yoga practices, strengthening & improving flexibility as you move from one pose to the next. A new flow every week, encouraging you to stay focused and letting your bodies move in new and creative ways. Pushing your limits, no class is the same, getting your heart racing as you flow through one asana (pose) to the next. A fun class that almost feels like a dance. 

Come to a Vinyasa class if you feel:

Stiff and need to get moving.

Your mind is filled with toxic thoughts that need shifting.

You want to feel focused and energised.

You want to actively care for yourself and give yourself some love.


Yin Yang classes at House of Leyla include a traditional mix of pranayama (breathing techniques), mudras (hand gestures/attitudes), asanas (poses), visualisations and mantras. We practice both Yin and Yang, flowing through our practice with vinyasa as well as holding static poses. Some weeks a little slower pace with a more emphasis on controlling the breath and some background into why we do these practices, others fast and fiery. A way towards balance, uniting our energies, moon and sun cycles as well as the seasons are considered when practicing. 

Harmonising your Yin & Yang,

clearing your energy channels, renewing and letting go.

Come to a Yin Yang class if you feel:

Stressed and unbalance, in need of calm and relaxation.

Anxious, depressed and want to feel uplifted yet grounded.

Stagnant and want to gently get your body moving.

You want to nurture your being with self love and kindness

Yin/Restorative Yin Yoga

Yin classes are passive, calm and balancing. You hold poses for 3 - 5 minutes with the sound of a bell to let you know its time to move into the next pose. Pillows/blocks & bolsters are used to support you in each pose, encouraging you to completely let go and surrender. Working with deep connective tissues, releasing and enabling flexibility. Working mostly with the lower part of the body, hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine.


Come to a Yin class if you feel:

Tired, need some time out, craving energy and need to feel soothed from the inside out.

Overwhelmed with a racing mind and want to just surrender.

You always have to be in control and want to just let go and 'be'.

You are struggling with addiction and want to learn to sit with uncomfortable sensations to train the mind.

You suffer from anger or impulsive reactions that are disrupting your peace of mind.

Yoga Trapeze/Sky Yoga

Trapeze classes are great fun, we focus on our body and ways to create traction in our spine which relives back pain and sometimes sciatica. We develop our core strength as well as our upper body and posterior chain. In classes we sometimes work high intensity and others more restorative, a very versatile practice with many benefits. Includes pushing, pulling, holding, twists, backbends, forward bends, hip opening and so much more.

Come to a Trapeze class if you feel:


You want to create more movement in your body, achieve deeper backbends, release shoulder tension and back ache.

Students are often attracted to the Yoga Trapeze® for spinal traction and passive backbends, but very quickly they learn that the functional pulling and grip strength offered compliments a mat-based yoga practice to create a full-body fitness routine. You can work your shoulders, calm your nerves, and leave class floating on air.