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Soul  Sessions


I see you sister & you are magic...

I have always had this gift to see the good and the potential in people. At times it’s been a struggle (as you can imagine) but with age, I truly see it as a blessing and I love putting it to use in my work.

At House of Leyla I offer a service for women called Souls Sessions. You can look at these as, inspiring chats that help you connect with your divine feminine and inner goddess.

During these sessions, we talk, explore, question, meditate, listen, move, share. I see you in all your magic and hold up a mirror so you see it too.

I love to hear your dreams, where you see yourself in a year or a few. Help you ground in your visions and put practical things in place to help you get there. I guide you to see that anything is possible and remind you to dream big and believe in yourself. I love to hear where you feel stuck and offer small steps to get unstuck, mentally, physically and spiritually.

We can cover areas such as business branding, sex and intimacy, self image, eating habits, philosophy, business plans, vulnerability, understanding your menstrual cycles self talk and nutrition/physical fitness and more.

I have a beautiful team of specialists, if we feel we want to go deeper and lend a hand. They are magic too.

Now is a time for reflection, for exploration. For self inquiry. To rise and to shine bright.

Take this time to really see yourself and all your magic.

Accepting and honouring where you are now, loving who you are unconditionally and working towards a life that serves your highest good.

Be of service to yourself queen

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