The Heart Chakras crystal set:


Each set comes with a list of the five different tumbled stone crystals and their corresponding healing properties linking to their associated Chakra, in this case the Heart Chakra. There are two of each crystal type in every set, so that you can hold one in each hand whilst meditating, keep one with you during the day and one under your pillow at night, or to use the entire set together for crystal gridding practices. 



Heart Chakra Crystal set: Rose Quartz, Unakite, Amazonite, Jade, Rhodonite.

Your Heart Chakra is the energy centre responsible for the capacity to love yourself and others and is located in the centre of your chest. It allows you to feel emotional warmth, compassion and joy. It is the way you bond with others, allowing you the ability to be generous, kind and respectful to all life through empathy.


Heart Chakra Crystal Set

  • £4 per order

  • Occasionally mistakes happen (we’re only human after all) Please make sure you check your crystal set on arrival and notify us within 14 days of any issues. If you wish to return or replace any set, please repackage it and you will receive a full refund when it has made its safe arrival back or a new set will be posted to you for an exchange.

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