Peony Punk

Peony Punk


Red apple headlines in a cast of English
peonies, mixing the complexities and talents
with Mediterranean jasmine.


Notes of: English carnation and rose


  • Postage & Packaging

    £4 per order

  • Candle Care

    1st burn advise

    Burning your candle between 3- 4 hours or preferably until the wax melts and reaches the edges, this will ensure an even burn thereafter.

    Wick care

    Wicks should be kept to an approx 6mm.

    Trim them before re - lighting

    Flame & Soot Control

    If your candle burns with a large

    Or flickering flame,extinguish , cool down ,trim the wick,

    then re-light

  • Product Specs

    Dimensions: h 93mm x w 78mm

    Size: 300ml

    Est burn time: 50 hours


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