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Mandala Art


Simmy Ghatt is a freelance artist based across Leicester and London, making her mark in drawing mandalas.

Having taken to it in 2016 with designing her first mandala for a wedding invitation, Simmy began retailing her designs in 2017 online and at markets. 


Mandalas and art in general is a passion, a hobby and something that she always wanted to share with the world - her passion and love for the finer, more intricate details and how these can be composed together to produce the delicately intricate final pieces that she retails today. 


Mandalas have aided her spiritual path into self discovery and for this reason amongst others, each piece created holds its own story and reason. Where Simmy personally struggles with meditation, mandalas are her way forward - a way to clear her mind and either self-reflect in a safe space, think about what she is putting out there into the world and how it currently is or to just have complete peace of mind and focus on her and the pen(cil). 


Simmy's artistic journey is about embracing herself, working out who she is and aiming to be and how she can fulfil her current life purpose of helping others, however possible, and where it can be done through art - to share her work with as many people as possible to be a form of light. 


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