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Crystal Collection


Wild as the Moon sparked to life during a solo road trip that Gina embarked on at the start of 2020. The trip was to enable her to really have a break from reality. Time where she could immerse herself in the healing embrace of nature, completely alone, and learn what it was to heal. 


It was during this time that she discovered just how many other women could relate to some of the things she had experienced. But who didn’t have the right tools or knowledge to know where to begin reclaiming their power and taking charge of their own journey.


Through Wild as the Moon Gina is able to offer a variety of resources, designed to help guide and empower women who have chosen to put themselves first and spark their own healing journey.

Whilst being passionate about bringing you the magical power of crystals, Gina is also focused on being kind to the planet and her fellow humans. Crystal mining can be a nasty business, therefore Gina is very careful about where she sources her stones; places with policies that protect both the workers and the environment. They spot check their suppliers to make sure they are sticking to these fair working conditions and only buy from places which dig by hand or are mined on a very small scale, to ensure that they are not contributing to environmental damage. 


Gina has designed a crystal set for each of your seven main Chakras to help you to really focus your energies on specific healing during your mindfulness practices.

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