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valentines day

 partner yoga gift

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

1.5hr Session

Cacao Balls

Partner Yoga


It's February and as always love is in the air!


I don't need an excuse to celebrate love but since it's been scheduled in for 14th February I'm more than happy to join in!


Looking for a gift that will last more than a moment?


The word yoga is said to mean 'union' exploring partner yoga together aims to do exactly that; a uniting of two people.


Often we are so busy with life and it's distractions that we create distance between ourselves and our partners without even knowing. Never has their been more urgency, to actively take time to connect with our partners and to deepen intimacy.


Explore and come together through movement, play, breath, touch and mutual trust.


Find a balance between letting go and holding on, step outside your comfort zones, switch roles and play.


Remember how to truly listen, be truly present and aware of all your senses. Get ready to reach new levels!



A joining mindful meditation

Partner yoga flow


Cacao goodie bag to take home


Investment £65

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